Why we don’t dive in to the hard sell

Because we don’t focus on “insurance products.”  We hate to hear insurance described as a product. 

Insurance is a service – assistance in restoring your business to prosperity when you’re in trouble. And like all services, some providers are better than others. 

Because of the long list of troubles you can run into, buying the right insurance can get complicated. As such, it’s got much in common with buying a major IT project. But a lot of companies treat insurance like re-ordering printer paper. When it’s running low, they buy some more – the cheapest they can find. Then they wonder why the photocopier always jams. 

Why agents are all about the sale – a broker works for you

An insurance agent works on behalf of an insurance company to find new clients. 

Brokers work for their client, helping find them the right insurance company to meet their specific needs. 

An agent can only offer you the best options from the insurers that they are tied to. 

Brokers know that different insurers have different strengths and seek out the most suitable solutions from a wider pool.

Once you have a broker you trust working for you, you don’t have to worry about shopping around year after year…it’s your broker’s job to search out the right deal for you. 

6 steps to saving

How brokers drive client satisfaction

  • #1

    Ask the right questions, first time

    Proprietary frameworks, tools and models structure the process and speed it up.

  • #2

    Your risk story, well told

    Brokers effectively 'sell' your risk to insurers. Skillful underwriting presentations are paramount.

  • #3

    Open informal negotiations

    Not every insurer has the appetite or knowledge to suit you. Our market insight pays dividends.

  • #4

    Optimise policy wordings

    Policies should be worded to fit your needs. Broad, client-specific wordings are our speciality.

  • #5

    Structure and spread risk

    In other words, stir up some healthy competition in the market - helps you get a good deal.

  • #6

    Claim time is crunch time

    Expediting claims and playing advocate in contentious scenarios....the very the backbone of the service.

A good broker is always on your side

A broker is a consultant who manages the procurement and fulfilment of insurance, right the way from scoping out the project needs to handling the claims process.

That’s the key difference between broker, agent, and insurance company.

We’re always on your side, because you’re our client. Our business model is wholly dependent on client loyalty.

We’ll get you competitive insurance deals, that match your needs, not the needs of a seller.

Risk intelligence: the key skill of brokers

Something that often happens when we talk to a new client – there often seems to be a few risks that are costing too much or present a major threat.

Sitting down for an informal chat with a Howden broker can help with your business risk planning.

A broker is a resource: we spend time striving to reduce the cost of risk for our clients which has enabled us to become experts in risk mitigation projects.

An experienced insurance broker team brings an enhanced level of risk intelligence (RQ) to any organisation they help:

“Think holistically about risk and uncertainty, speak a common risk language and effectively use forward-looking risk concepts and tools in making better decisions, alleviating threats, capitalizing on opportunities and creating lasting value." 


Leo Tilman, Risk Intelligence: A Bedrock of Dynamism and Lasting Value Creation. (2012)

"Make the client happy and everything else will follow"

David Howden, Howden Group CEO

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